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Our Equipment

The Hatley Snowmobile Club owns many different vehicles and other equipment for maintaining our trails. Our primary grooming machine is our 2013 Tucker which along with our new 2021 Arrowhead drag keeps the snow as smooth as can be. We recently purchased an Argo 8×8 tracked utility vehicle that works great for packing down marshes before we can safely run the Tucker. Along with these, club members use and maintain several chain saws, pole saws, and sign/post installation tools. We are blessed by having several club members that are excellent heavy equipment mechanics. These folks make sure everything is running perfectly and if something does break, it gets fixed ASAP!

Our Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse is located on Highway DD in the township of Norrie and serves as a great place to hold our meetings, fundraisers, and parties, as well as storing and maintaining our grooming equipment. Built in 2004, this 5,000 sq. ft. insulated building features 3 full-sized heated maintenance bays, equipment storage room, plus a full kitchen and meeting room. Our clubhouse location is designated as a snowmobile “Park and Ride” spot and has a large parking lot for loading/unloading your trailer. It’s located right on the Corridor 13 trail so it’s a great place to either meet friends at the start of your ride or have a refreshment break afterwards!

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